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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sylvie's Nursery - The Child's Bed

Well it must be obvious to everyone that I'm just not organised enough to blog and work...work and blog. I had the idea that I would keep a record of the progress of the nursery as I went along but I got so involved in it that blogging went out of the window :)

Anyway, apologies for my absence and welcome to all the new people who have joined recently...thankyou for your patience!

Back to the nursery...Sylvie loved the samples that I sent her and decided on a very pale cream silk charmeuse with hints of caramel and tan added into the decor. We looked at some prints but they were all quite pinky and 'new' looking so I decided to make up a toile pattern and print my own onto a silk sheet. The print is tiny but the effect is very antique looking and combines beautifully with the cream silks.

I started on the child's bed first as that was the first to arrive. This is a quick reminder of what it looked like

Although the bed has raised sides we decided to remove one of the rails to show off the bedding and I used a padded panel on the head and foot of the bed to cover the marks left and to make the bed cosy. I had planned to keep the toile print to a minimum so that it wouldn't be too overpowering and it just peeks out from behind the mattress and pillows. I also used the toile to trim the quilt, which is mainly silk charmeuse...soooo silky soft! I still want to add a couple more pillows and drape a throw over one post but this is the bed so far...

 I found the teddy on Ebay and couldn't resist giving her a silk hat and silk and lace dress to match the bed.

I had nearly finished the bed when all the Bespaq furniture arrived. It is so much more delicate than it appears in the photos and is such a beautiful colour with lovely carvings and little details.

I managed to get started on the changing table and have nearly finished the crib.

 This lovely piece of furniture was just crying out to be filled up with little piles of muslins and tiny silk babyclothes    

You can see the toile de joue a little more clearly in this photo.

I hope to have some photos of the completed crib by tomorrow


Thmini2 said...

That childs bed is gorgeous!! I LOVE the way you dressed it! The bear is so cute dressed to match.
You changing table is also beautiful I can't wait for more eye candy!

Tabitha Corsica said...

This is a lovely piece...and the bear is just too precious! What a fun project. Your customer will be delighted!

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