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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Downton Abbey comes to Spain!

I don't watch much television. I am fifth in line in the pecking order for the remote control and usually have somewhere else I'd rather be than in front of a football match or an episode of Dragonballz or Patito Feo. But all this changed when our spanish Channel 3 announced a few weeks back that they would be televising the series of Downton Abbey that was so popular on UK TV and not only that...I could press a button and it would broadcast in English!

Every Tuesday night for the past 3 weeks I have been in heaven...sofa all to myself...soaking up the kind of costume drama that I had forgotten existed.

And of course, for a 12th scale miniature milliner, a world of Edwardian inspiration...

Creamy silk cloche with silk chiffon
band and handmade silk flowers

Deep brimmed cloche with large matching
silk roses and sweep of peacock plumage

Silk (yes really!) straw effect bowl brimmed cloche
with buttermilk charmeuse and silk illusion

My favourite...cream silk overlaid with black tulle and
silk chiffon. Black pleated facing and black/ ivory plumage
and silk ribbon details

All the hats above will be gradually added to the Edwardian page of my website over the next week but if you would like to see further photos or make a reservation please email me directly. As always each piece of millinery has been entirely handmade, beautifully lined and bears the 'Miss Amelia' label. Each piece is unique!


Pedrete said...

Una verdadera maravilla de sombreros, Janine!!! Verdaderamente de pelícila!!! Yo tampoco veo mucho la televión, si te soy sincero nada de nada, jajaja!! Pero por lo que cuentas, dan ganas de ver esa serie. ¡¡Un besote enorme!!

Janine Crocker said...

¿No me digas que no lo has visto? La semana que viene sale el ultimo episodio...no te lo puedes perder!! El martes...a las 21.00...y pasa media hora enseñandote todo lo de las semanas anteriores. Te va a encantar xx

Kat the hat lady! said...

Beautiful hats as always I missed Downton Abbey so I got the DVD's and it's wonderful! Lots of beautiful costumes and wonderful acting. I also love Upstairs Downstairs from the 1970's. They are doing a 2nd series of Downton Abbey so more inspiration for you :-)love Kat the hat lady xx

Janine Crocker said...

Thank you Kat. It looks as though we will be able to see a 3 part more modern version of Upstairs Downstairs (starting where the old one finished) but I would love to see the old version...not having been allowed to stay up the first time round,lol!

Arantxa said...

Me han gustado mucho los sobreros ,estan preciosos!!

Yo tambien sigo laserie y me ha encantando estoy deseando ver la 2º temporada.

Un Saludo

Janine Crocker said...

Gracias Arantxa Yo tambien tengo muchas ganas de ver mas...si me dejan el mando de nuevo :)

Mags Cassidy said...

Hi Janine,
They are beautiful.
Glad you are enjoying Downton Abbey - we loved it, too. Hope all is well with you.

Kat the hat lady! said...

Janine you would love the old version! I got it on DVD for Christmas and it's wonderful. The daughter at one point runs a hat shop! My Mum used to let me sit up to watch it when I was a kid but only as long as I didn't tell Dad ha ha ha ha!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Oooooo I have added a link on my blog so my followers can visit here!

Judy C said...

Your hats are so true. They are beautiful and would be no matter what size.

Jean - miniartworks said...

Stunning Janine! Can't think of anything that has not already been said. Love them.

Janine Crocker said...

Mags, Judy and Jean, thank you so much! I'm pleased to say that two of the collection are already spoken for :)

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