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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sylvie's Dollshouse - the maid's bedroom

For those of you who have been following the progress of Sylvie's dollshouse, the last room to be completed was the maid's bedroom. Obviously we didn't want this room to be quite as elegant as the 'family' rooms but it still need to be comfortable and have a certain charm of it's own.

We decided on a wrought iron bed which we bought from the DHE and I began to rummage through my boxes and boxes of fabrics to get some ideas for the bed dressing. I am a fabric-holic and have a huge selection of both new and vintage pieces to choose from. Eventually I found just the thing...a cotton/linen dress that had belonged to my daughter when she was 2...a lovely pinafore country style design which was made up of layers of ecru and palest sage green stripes. The subtle tones are just what Sylvie likes and the texture of the fabric seemed suited to a maid's bed. Sylvie also chose the lovely round backed chair in soft walnut and I made a small tapestry style cushionfor it  in the creams and greens to blend into the room.

Amazingly enough there was enough fabric for 3 sets of curtains...two for the maid's room and one for a small adjoining sitting room. I have never made so many curtains as I have for Sylvie's house and I try hard to find unusual designs to dress her windows. I used a white muslin for the 'nets' in this case...tinted in tea to get the antique creamy colour.

 We didn't want the maid to be sitting twiddling her thumbs in the evenings so the family decided to treat her to a very special new-fangled sewing machine! This really is a beauty by Bodo Hennig. The table top has a stunning inlay and everything works as it should...even the needle goes up and down. I dressed it with a few little details and managed to make some tiny bobbins from the end of cocktail sticks.


And of course a spare uniform hangs on the back of the bedroom door :)

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