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Friday, May 20, 2011

Miniature bridalwear

A few more bridal bits and pieces now available!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Royal Wedding hat party!

A few months ago I had an email from LeAnn in Minnesota asking if I could make a couple of small  hats to decorate the cake for her wedding party. She explained that it was going to be a bit different and sent me a photo of the cake design to work from. The cake was to be 'Mad Hatter' style and as the theme of the day would be hats she also wondered if I could come up with something that could be worn by a very special guest...her yorkshire terrier!

I created a lady's bridal from from ivory silk and used the fuschia and lime green accents such as feathers and rose to match the cake. The gents top hat had a lime green silk sash around the crown. Both hats were 12th scale.

Not a great photo below but you get the idea...

 And of course the hat for Wimsey, the Yorkie. This hat was larger, of lime green silk and without the wired structure that I use often on my smaller hats. The inside was lined with soft cotton print and I took care to make sure that the ribbon had lots of length to allow it to be loosely tied. I don't have any small dogs and wasn't sure what my neighbours' reactions would be if I asked to borrow one of theirs so settled for a toy lion as a model...

 LeAnn was thrilled with the hats and everything arrived in time...just! She promised photos and I imagined that she would get round to sending me some when she returned from her honeymoon...

Well...I received the photos this week and was so excited to see the hats on the cake until my daughter happened to say "Mum, have you seen the names on the cake?" Duh! It just hadn't entered my head! The 'wedding party' was for the Royal wedding and LeAnn and her friends had had the wonderful idea of celebrating it this way. She laughed when I told her and sent me the following:

Oh my gosh - I didn't go into detail about the wedding party because I thought we sounded just a little crazy!  ...A couple of my friends had about 20 people over the night before the royal wedding, where we played shower games testing our knowledge of the royals (pretty much zero in my case).  We ended with a slumber party and early morning tea and scones as we watched the wedding.  Most of the decorations came over from England - and of course I had the Spanish addition with your lovely hats. ...I have Wimsey's hat in my office, where the lovely colors and feathers cheer me up...
We all went a little crazy over the party - it was just too much fun!  Everyone had to wear a hat (you can just imagine what our Minnesota hats are typically made of!)  Of course I don't own a hat and so hit the internet - which is how I stumbled onto your wonderful web site and discovered your beautiful hats.  And then it dawned on me I would be certain to win the best hat contest if Wimsey arrived in one of your hats!  (Which he did - and we won a fabulous prize!)
...As we stepped into the party, everyone rushed out at us - just like paparazzi - madly snapping his picture.  My husband took him home quickly, but he did have a grand entrance! 
And here they are...


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Edwardian style

Welcome to all those of you who have signed up recently to my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my work and love to read the comments that you leave! Feel free to make suggestions of what you would like to see more of.

This is the latest addition to my 'Premier' millinery collection

Many years ago I was given a collection of silk pieces that had been used by my great uncle in his work. They are beautiful pieces and I keep them for my Premier collection and special orders.

For this hat I chose a heavy cream silk with tiny scrolled designs. A band of matching silk charmeuse has been draped around the rounded crown.

 The underside of the curled brim has been faced with delicate cream habotai silk which I hand-ruched to give texture.
 I love the mix of autumnal colours with the cream and each of these silk flowers has been handmade by me using traditional millinery methods. The curled quill comes from a selection brought from a feather farm in Ireland.
 .And as always the interior is lined and finished as you would expect, with the Miss Amelia label.

This little piece is 12th scale and can be worn by a doll or displayed in your miniature scene.

Hope you like it! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Something a little different...

Although I love making decorative beds with neatly placed counterpanes and pillows every so often I get the urge to dress a bed that I can imagine cuddling up into...a cosy, snuggly bed. This 12th scale bed is one of those...a dreamy jumble of soft white sheets, the kind your legs get tangled in, and large, plump white pillows that your head would just sink into. A little luxury in the form of a silk comforter, quilted and bordered, and a heavy white embroidered throw. The sheets are trimmed  with broderie anglais and the pillows with embroidered bands.  The rose fabric used on the large pillow and bolster is one of my favourites...I still have a little left!

This bed is available today on my website...


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