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Monday, November 1, 2010

Regency Millinery 1802 - 1822

 Although the Victorian era continues to be a firm favourite amongst miniaturists I do receive a lot of visitors to my Georgian and Regency millinery pages and they have sadly been neglected in past months. I decided it was time to add some new pieces and have been working for some time on the following 12th scale collection. There are still a few items waiting to be completed but I will be adding these first bonnets to my website this evening. I have tried to include some of the more diverse styles that were around in the period...do let me know what you think. http://www.missameliasminiatures.com/georgianhatsbonnets.html
1819 White silk bonnet with black and white striped ribbon. Black silk lining. 12th scale

1808 Honey silk bonnet with black trim


Lace lining with 'Miss Amelia' label

1802 'Ashes of Roses' silk and tulle bonnet with jewel and feather

1811 Blackberry taffeta and silk bonnet

1802 Emboidered silk bonnet with feather

Lemon silk lining

1821 Chocolate silk bonnet with pink organza and trim


miniaturista said...

Maravillosos Sombreros

joy said...

Stunning!!!! I can't believe it, the inside are as neat as the outside and the teeny labels are brilliant x

The Old Maid said...

They are so pretty outside and inside:)

Debie Lyons said...

I have seen Janine's hats in the flesh and they are stunning. I love your hats they are so well made and pretty.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxx

Rapunzel said...

wow, your hats are beautyful.

Janine Crocker said...

Thank you all! I have had Regency fashion plates waiting for ages to reproduce in miniature and these are just a few.

Gracias Maite :)

Pedrete said...

¡Hola Janine! Ojalá encontrara un adjetivo que describiera la admiración que siento hacia tu trabajo!! Estos últimos sombreros son una verdera maravilla!! No pueden estar mejor hechos!! Olé, olé y olé!! Un besote enorme, enorme!!

Janine Crocker said...

¡Eres un encanto! Gracias Pedrete :) xx

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