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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bridal Special!!

Isn't it luvverly??!! Did you cry? Didn't everyone look stunning? I have been glued to the televesion all morning but just now when I have been about to update my website with the promised bridal millinery it seems that everyone else is on the web as well...and it's not working!

Below you will find the first few designs and I will keep trying throughout today to update my website.

Silk bridal cloche with delicate silk roses  65.00 USD

Ivory cloche with guipure lace overlaid and silk veil 56.00 USD

Buttercream silk hat with lace veil  58.00 USD

Tulle over ivory silk with silk leaves    58.00 USD

Softcrowned silk with tulle and pearls   58.00 USD
 ****All the prices above are subject to a 20% discount until midnight (BST) on Sunday 1st May****

The Royal Wedding - bridal special not to be missed!

Royal Wedding Special
by Miss Amelia
I love weddings as I know many of you do too and tomorrow promises to be a very special day.
To mark the occasion throughout the day I will be adding several new designs to the Miss Amelia Bridal Collection
and that's not all...
from the 'first kiss on the balcony' of Buckingham Palace
at 12.30pm* on Friday 29th April
12.00 midnight Sunday 1st May
there will be a discount of
on all 'Miss Amelia' bridal millinery and accessories
 including bridal mannequins and commissions placed during that period.
In order to reserve your item at the discounted price  please email me at
I'm sure you'll join me in wishing
William and Kate
a very happy life together
Fond regards
Janine (Miss Amelia)
 **Don't forget...the new designs won't be released until after that magical moment :)**
*British Summer Time
For the latest in stunning miniature millinery and soft furnishings: http://missameliasminiatures.com/
Keep up with my news and latest work: http://missameliasminiatures.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More contemporary hats...

I have been such a busy girl for the last couple of weeks and have been adding some new designs to the Ascot and modern millinery collection.

Simple but elegant styles have always been popular at the races and I hope you enjoy the latest models in 12th scale chic!

All the hats below are one of a kind and can be worn by a 12th scale doll with a suitable hairstyle.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aqua and bronze bed

When I was in the UK last September I came across the most wonderful aqua silk with bronze stripes running through. I didn't have any particular project in mind but when I came across the four poster bed below I knew it would be just perfect for the dressing.

I love the bed itself. The carvings are so delicate and I really like the 'puffy' top

I will be adding this bed to the 'Dressed beds' section of my website this evening if you are interested. Matching curtains or accessories can be ordered if you wish

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Monochrome Collection

My friend May in Scotland recently sent me some lovely new trims and one of them was this gorgeous black and white zebra print ribbon...which inspired a whole new collection! Thank you May!

All of the above can be found for sale in my Etsy shop on the following link
Thanks for looking :)

What a week!

Well that was quite a week. The screen on my laptop has been flickering badly for a while now but this week it gave up and has gone completely black. Luckily my daughter is allowing me to use her little netbook, on the condition that I share it with the latest Rhianna sounds :) but everything is so SMALL on it (says the miniaturist,lol!) Just when I was thinking that life was running smoothly again, and with a new collection of hats etc waiting to be photographed, the button on my camera jammed and wasn't able to be fixed, despite DH taking it completely apart on the kitchen table with lots of muttering and sighing. Who would know how difficult is could be to choose a new camera? I have spent hours checking out different models, asking advice from photographer friends and fellow miniaturists. It seems that if a camera does A and B then it won't do C and if you want it do do C and B then you have to do without A, or pay a lot more for it anyway!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I decided to stick with a Fujifilm. I was pleased with the last one and it has lasted for years. I found a lovely man in a local camera shop who let me play with lots of different cameras for the best part of Thursday morning and surprisingly enough the prices were comparable with the internet stores. This one is a F80 EXR, a little more complicated thatn my last model, but after a bit of playing about and reading the instructions (yes, I really do read them :) ) hopefully I will get some nice results. For now I have taken the following on fairly standard settings...what do you think?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Royal Ascot just around the corner...

Firstly a very big welcome to all the new followers who have joined recently. I really appreciate your interest and hope you will enjoy keeping up with my work in the future.

Spring is really here and with thoughts of Royal Ascot and the Derby just around the corner I have been working on this small collection. Silks, chiffons, elegant and fluffy feathers and cool pastels combine to make up these elegant little pieces. They can all be worn by a 12th scale doll.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mindless destruction - how very sad

After all the fun that I have had inspired by the incredible costumes on Downton Abbey I was really saddened to come across this link today

Mr Digby and his staff must be heartbroken.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Downton Abbey comes to Spain!

I don't watch much television. I am fifth in line in the pecking order for the remote control and usually have somewhere else I'd rather be than in front of a football match or an episode of Dragonballz or Patito Feo. But all this changed when our spanish Channel 3 announced a few weeks back that they would be televising the series of Downton Abbey that was so popular on UK TV and not only that...I could press a button and it would broadcast in English!

Every Tuesday night for the past 3 weeks I have been in heaven...sofa all to myself...soaking up the kind of costume drama that I had forgotten existed.

And of course, for a 12th scale miniature milliner, a world of Edwardian inspiration...

Creamy silk cloche with silk chiffon
band and handmade silk flowers

Deep brimmed cloche with large matching
silk roses and sweep of peacock plumage

Silk (yes really!) straw effect bowl brimmed cloche
with buttermilk charmeuse and silk illusion

My favourite...cream silk overlaid with black tulle and
silk chiffon. Black pleated facing and black/ ivory plumage
and silk ribbon details

All the hats above will be gradually added to the Edwardian page of my website over the next week but if you would like to see further photos or make a reservation please email me directly. As always each piece of millinery has been entirely handmade, beautifully lined and bears the 'Miss Amelia' label. Each piece is unique!

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