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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some quarter scale for the Autumn

It's been a wonderful Summer...lazy days on the beach, fishing for crabs, games at the local fiesta and I even started riding a bike again after, er...well, a lot of years!

Thankyou to all my customers for their endless patience as I desperately try to juggle miniatures and family life and as the Autumn approaches I think I am finally starting to catch up and several little packages will be leaving the Canary Islands over the next week or so.

Earlier this month I took part in the second Online Miniature Show organised by Shelly Norris and was delighted with the amount of interest in my tiny quarter scale hats and dresses. This in turn has made me look at the range that I offer and I over the next few weeks I will have lots of new pieces to show you in this size. Below is a little sample...

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