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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sylvie's Nursery

Well I promised that I would post details of my latest project and this is it! A couple of months ago I supplied a dressed bed and chaise longue with matching curtains for Sylvie in the UK. She was pleased with the results and almost immediately started planning the next room in her house...the nursery.

I get as excited about the planning of a project as I do about the making of it. I could (and do) spend hours looking at different fabrics and trims and sketching designs and possibilities. Sylvie is so enthusuastic about this room and the emails have been flying backwards and forwards with ideas....we can't wait to get started!

I thought it would be fun to follow the progress of the room on my blog and give you a chance to see how we get on.

Below you will see a mix and match of some of the ideas that we have looked at while planning the design of the nursery bedding and furniture.

The nursery will be in Victorian style and we have decided early on that we will have a small child's bed and a crib for a baby. Sylvie would like the wood in the nursery to be walnut which looks fabulous in 12th scale and we have been looking at the furniture available in that colour. She should receive the silk samples that I have sent through this week and I will keep you posted as to the final choice of colour and design.


Tabitha Corsica said...

What fun! Wouldn't it be lovely to actually work with her side by side?

Jean Tuthill said...

I can't wait to see more....

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