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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why I will be in my pijamas all weekend...

I have a 'To Do' list.

Well, actually, I have  quite a few 'To Do' lists.

I have lists stuck onto my fridge, in my computer, on my email account. I have lists on the back of bus tickets at the bottom of my handbag, in my jeans pocket and beside the bed (yes, really :D)  I even have a dear little Astroid on my phone looking after yet another list.

Most of my lists are taken up with earth shattering reminders such as 'take the chicken out of the freezer' and 'clean out the turtle' (don't want to mix those two up if you can help it...). I have Christmas present lists from years ago, lists of miniatures commissions to complete and of things I plan to make when I get to the end of the commissions... But there is one list which is unlikely to end up in the washing machine or disintegrate in my bag and that is the one in my head entitled 'THINGS TO DO WHEN THE CHILDREN LEAVE HOME'.

Don't get me wrong...this list is not a long one and there is no hurry to start it. Despite being extremely happy with my family in my little corner of the Canary Islands, with no wild desire to try bungee jumping in Australia or see my babies married off (or otherwise), I do have a few things that I am keeping on that list. I am not an adventurer by heart. I 'travelled' for a year when I was 24 and stayed in the first place that I arrived in for the next 25 years. The trouble is that, since I discovered a passion for miniatures, I can't help thinking that rather than looking at photos of the Chicago Tom Bishop Show...I'd rather be there. When I read that there is a miniatures fair in Paris, Barcelona or Arnhem next month I would quite happily pack an overnight bag. Phoenix, Philadelphia and Kensington are calling me, Toronto in the Fall would be beautiful. And, of course, each year there are workshops held in Europe and the USA which I know I could just squeeze in...not to mention the trips for miniaturists organised by the indefatigable Molly Cromwell, whose enthusiasm for the miniature world has me itching to join in! Over the years on the internet I have made such wonderful friends of customers and artisans in so many places and I would love to be able to meet some of them in person. 

Of course my long-suffering husband hasn't seen the list, although he does of course suspect that it exists, but is he really likely to turn down Paris???...I think not ;)

Anyway, the point of all this rambling is really to say that while I'm waiting for my own little taste of 'empty nest syndrome' (or whatever they're calling it these days) I'm very grateful to Shelly Norris for organising yet another Online Miniature Show this month. I know that dealers and customers alike have very much enjoyed the previous ones and for those of use who are unable, for whatever reason, to visit a 'live' show it is a wonderful experience and very much appreciated. I adore setting up my  virtual 'table' and wondering who will be first through the door. The system is easy to use for dealers and customers alike.  The time difference between various countries makes it impossible to sleep and I love that I can be a dealer in my pijamas (probably not quite the done thing at the NEC). I still get the 'chat'. Whether by Skype or email it's great to receive comments and questions from people browsing my work.I understand from friends who regularly attend the big shows that it can be hard to get away for 5 minutes for a sandwich or a visit to the Little Girl's Room...not this weekend!...pizza delivered to the door and...well, you get the idea.

Check in tomorrow for a sneak preview of some of the treasures that you will find ...and more details of how to register for your visit to the Miniature Online Show

And in the meantime...roll on Chicago 2019...!!

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