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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a week!

Well that was quite a week. The screen on my laptop has been flickering badly for a while now but this week it gave up and has gone completely black. Luckily my daughter is allowing me to use her little netbook, on the condition that I share it with the latest Rhianna sounds :) but everything is so SMALL on it (says the miniaturist,lol!) Just when I was thinking that life was running smoothly again, and with a new collection of hats etc waiting to be photographed, the button on my camera jammed and wasn't able to be fixed, despite DH taking it completely apart on the kitchen table with lots of muttering and sighing. Who would know how difficult is could be to choose a new camera? I have spent hours checking out different models, asking advice from photographer friends and fellow miniaturists. It seems that if a camera does A and B then it won't do C and if you want it do do C and B then you have to do without A, or pay a lot more for it anyway!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I decided to stick with a Fujifilm. I was pleased with the last one and it has lasted for years. I found a lovely man in a local camera shop who let me play with lots of different cameras for the best part of Thursday morning and surprisingly enough the prices were comparable with the internet stores. This one is a F80 EXR, a little more complicated thatn my last model, but after a bit of playing about and reading the instructions (yes, I really do read them :) ) hopefully I will get some nice results. For now I have taken the following on fairly standard settings...what do you think?


Pedrete said...

¡Hola Janine! Nunca la desgracia viene sola!! Y cuando alguno de los "aparatejos" que manejamos se escacharra, no suele hacerlo solo, no, necesita compañía y entonces se escaharran varios, si no, no tiene chiste!! Y lo mejor de todo es que cuando se averian es cuando más falta nos hacen, ¿verdad? para volverse loco... De todos modos tus sombreros fantásticos como siempre!! Eso si que no falla nunca!! Un besazo enorme y enhorabuena!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

WOW totally beautiful :-)x

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