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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Website makeover for Miss Amelia

You know what happens...one day you just wake up and decide to start clearing out the garage, the basement, the freezer, the drawer that everyone shoves all the rubbish into as they pass...??? Well that's what happened here this weekend, except that it wasn't any of the above... This weekend my website received the full treatment and, having promised myself for ages and ages to get sorting, I finally got round to it!

It took two nights, sitting up into the early hours, to give every page a complete makeover, removing links to past promotions and collections and changing the design and navigation system.

I had a little (actually huge!) panic this afternoon when I pressed the 'publish' button and only half the site seemed to change but I think it was just a bit sluggish on a Sunday afternoon and seems to be alright now.

Anyway, it desperately needed an update and hopefully over the Summer I will be adding lots of new goodies to each section too!

If you fancy having a peek at the new look just click on the link below

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