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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to blogging...and bedding

Being the sort of person who wants everything 'now', or even 'yesterday',  I am constantly amazed by the outstanding patience of my customers. I do my best to give a time schedule for completing commission work but so often things take longer than I expect, real life interferes with my work schedule, materials don't appear when I expect them to...and deadlines are stretched like long pieces of elastic.

I find myself starting every email with, 'apologies for the delay', 'hope to get started soon', 'sorry to keep you waiting' etc. Despite it all,  these wonderful ladies never moan or fuss and ever so patiently bide their time until I finally get started on their project.

Of course, while they are waiting we start getting our ideas together. I send samples of possible fabrics to be used and they send me their first, second and third ideas. This is a period which I think is important not to rush and many times we have both agreed that a particular silk was worth hunting down, or a certain design was worth the searching and waiting. Unless I am reproducing a particular life size image or design it is important for me to get a feel for each customer's style before starting work. The possibilites are endless and what will appeal to one collector will maybe not to another. Eras and styles can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Anyway, an enormous thankyou to all you very patient, long suffering people!!

The bedding set below is a prime example...several months after we first discussed this collection it is finally on it's way to it's new home (and a gorgeous bed)  in the UK

A combination of embroidered silk taffeta, paisley chiffons and several shades of caramel silk make up the set, which consists of sheets, a heavy luxurious quilt, double valance ruffle and a mass of ornate pillows...all of which my customer can arrange herself on her own 12th scale bed...I hope it was worth waiting for!


Mary Williams said...

Fabulous Janine, I'm sure your customer will be thrilled x

May said...

mmmm, es precioso!!!

Robin said...


Fabiola said...

This is an important bed!
By Faby

ANDA said...

This is a wonderful collection! I admire your patience, who did you wait until it all came together! Worth it!

Janine Crocker said...

Thank you xx

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